Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Pepper Poppers

Christmas is just around the corner and with the boyfriend's family living out of town and my family going out of town, he and I are both left on our own to spend the holidays together. Don't cue the sappy music because I really am looking forward to having a quiet Christmas, just the two of us.

I've been trying to plan a Christmas dinner for two, and seeing as I'm not really the best cook (you're looking at someone who has burnt the pot boiling water) I made the decision to leave the heavy cooking to the boyfriend and take over the appies and desserts. He doesn't know this yet but he knows my track record; he'll be more than willing to agree.

These little pockets of goodies have been making its rounds around Pinterest, a recipe originally found here. It combines three of my favorite things: cream cheese, bacon and jalapeno peppers! How can you go wrong with that? You can't.

The recipe asks for only 4 ingredients:  Pillsbury Crescent dough, cream cheese, jalapeno peppers, and bacon. I tweaked the original recipe a bit. I added garlic powder, paprika, chopped up the jalapeno and blended them all together before putting a dollop on the dough. Top with the bacon pieces....

Pinch all the corners together, pop in the oven for 15mins at 350....

Et voila! Yummy goodness :)

It makes 16 poppers, which was more than enough for me and the boyfriend. So we had some for snacks and the leftovers were served as a side to our beef stroganoff dinner. And, I don't what it was with the jalapeno peppers I used but they didn't turn out nearly as hot as I would've liked. I think when I make these again, I'll add a pinch or so of red pepper flakes or a dash of hot sauce to really give it a bite. I do love my spice!


The Desert Fox said...

yum! looks tasty!

gillybeancandyjar said...

those look so yummy! I love jalapeno poppers! But they make my stomach angry :(