Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Winter Skin Woes.

I've (re)found a not-so-new obsession. Body Butters! Body Shop always has some kind of sale going on, so it's good to check them out every once in a while. I was running low on my Coconut Body Butter so I went in, and I came out with 3 new ones. And with gold tin container. The whole thing is sitting underneath my Christmas tree right; it's a present for myself :)

Pictured: Mango, Sweet Lemon, Moringa, Coconut. And they also threw in a small sampler of their Shea Body Butter, which I will now have to get because I LOVE it! And scarf from Urban Outfitters.
Of course when I came home, I realized I wasn't actually low on the Coconut. I have the small size.... and a practically new big size. I think I'm set for the cold winter air. But I still want that Shea....

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Hailey said...

YAY!! Another Vancouverite!!!